By allowing Real-Debrid, streaming apps as well as Kodi Addons will experience less buffering while making use of Real-Debrid.

Using Real-Debrid, on the other hand, ensures the most effective download web links for media files as well as other content.

When Real-Debrid is turned on in a Kodi add-on or streaming application, a slew of new sources as well as web links come to be offered.

Individuals can enjoy buffer-free web content with Real-Debrid by integrating it into their favorite streaming application for as low as $5/month.


Real-Debrid is frequently used along with streaming apps and also Kodi attachments to get the most effective photo as well as audio quality.

https// real-debrid. com/device.

The Real-Debrid permission code is provided to you by the third-party application you are trying to connect your account to.

Consent codes are changing every 2 minutes and also are different for every application that you intend to authorize, for that reason they are not multiple-use or supplied after payment.

— To authorize a third-party application on your account, please go right here:

— To view or remove consents formerly made on your account, please go right here:

If you forgot your username, please use the associated feature “Forgot my password” on our web site:

Your username will be in the e-mail that will certainly be sent out to you. (Dear your_username).

If you forgot your password or you can not login, please utilize the affiliated function on our web site:

Real-Debrid API Documentation.

Application information.

Approaches are organized by namespaces (e.g. “unrestrict”, “individual”).

Supported HTTP verbs are obtain, ARTICLE, PUT, and also DELETE. If your customer does not sustain all HTTP verbs you can overide the verb with X-HTTP-Verb HTTP header.

Unless specified otherwise in the technique’s documentation, all successful API calls return an HTTP code 200 with a JSON object.

Errors are returned with an HTTP code 4XX or 5XX, a JSON object with properties “error” (a mistake message) and also “error_code” (optional, an integer).

Every string passed to as well as from the API needs to be UTF-8 inscribed. For optimum compatibility, normalize to Unicode Normalization Type C (NFC) before UTF-8 encoding.

The API sends ETag headers and also supports the If-None-Match header.

Days are formatted according to the Javascript method date.toJSON.

Unless defined or else, all API methods call for verification.

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